Interior Design with
John Brennan

Whether starting fresh or working with what you have, jbrennan.design offers a distinctive aesthetic and a broad range of services for the complexities that can come during a project.

Project Management

“Lots of moving parts: I need some help!”


“I want an improved space, and I have enough problems to solve. Help!”

Layout and Design

“I have some specific ideas, but really want a bigger vision, fresh eyes, and to mark a departure.”

Compromise & Balance

“I want my house to reflect my best self without unnecessary spending. I’m willing to be flexible and open, and I do not want to simply submit to the professionals.”

”A home is a reflection of you, and you must like what you see.”

Any project, residential or otherwise, must bring you joy. Whether that’s joy to your eye, joy to your sense of accomplishment, or joy to the space you created to work for your life, the space we undertake must be personal, reflective, and functional.

Projects are the process and end result. While there are moments of joy in the process, the end of the project, or even a phase of a larger project, should bring a sense of accomplishment:

  • “I love coming home, and we’ve been entertaining more.”
  • “We got to a good place for Thanksgiving. I look forward to having family and friends over, putting this aside, then picking the next phase of this in the new year.”
  • “I’m really happy with the living room, especially once we found that wonderful piece of art on our trip to the Outback.”
  • “John was right about that color. It’s strong, but it really works in this room.”
  • “This bathroom is so comforting every morning, like that hotel in Turkey.”
  • “My mother found a lot to nitpick about the kitchen, but I know why we made the decisions we made. And, she was impressed with [a particular detail].”
  • “I’m so glad we found a place for Nana’s chair. It means so much to me and looks right at home in its new setting.”

You and I will have a relationship during the project, but you will have a much longer relationship with the results that come from the project. I want to foster that long-term relationship with the space and the long-term relationships that will happen in that space.

I want to talk with John!

Let’s see what moving forward would be like. Is this a good fit for me/us? What will it be like to work with jbrennan.design?